How often to post in social media

  • We’ve collected the social media theories of several leaders and experts in the field about how often you should post.
  • However, if you are posting too often, you will become a complete nuisance and they will dread seeing your posts overcrowding their feed.
  • The frequency with which your content is posted and the time of day that it goes “live” can make or break your business’s social media marketing success.

Tips for how often to share content on social media

Blogs: 6-8 posts per month

  • Companies that increase their blogging frequency to 6-8 times per month may double their leads.
  • Best blogging frequency is 6-8 times per month
  • Best publishing days for corporate blogs are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with an interaction peak on Wednesdays

The Ideal Twitter Strategy

  • Many small businesses don’t need to have a huge twitter following, so to maximize engagement per tweet, you can send between one to five per day.
  • Some research suggests that engagement will start to drop off after the third daily tweet.
  • Takeaway: For most small businesses, three tweets per day is an attainable goal. If there’s a lot to talk about, feel free to bump that up to five. If you’re busy, it’s okay to have a cheat day and send out only one tweet. Want to tweet more? Have at it.

Conclusion: Focus on Quality and Experiment

  • Facebook – Once per day is optimal. Big pages can post multiple times per day.
  • Twitter – Three to five times a day. More often if you want.
  • Linkedin – Once per business day.
  • Google+ – Once per day. Remember this is often more for SEO
  • Instagram – Once per day

Different forms of social media have different demands

  • It can also depend on your target market. If you’re marketing to younger people, you might need to post more often, as they generally follow more people and businesses.
  • Otherwise, you can get lost in the feed. The social media you prefer may impact on your ideal posting frequency.

Tips for posting regularly to social media

  • Come up with different options – images, videos, recipes, outside shares, testimonials, blog post links, questions, there’s so much you could share!
  • Schedule a couple of posts per week, in advance, so there’s always content even if you don’t have time to post anything that week
  • Pre-plan your content, so you know what you’ll be posting about
  • Figure out where most of your target audience is hanging out, and focus your energy there. For most, that’s Facebook. If you target corporates, go LinkedIn. For younger audiences, try Instagram and SnapChat.
  • Save funny images related to your biz – everyone loves a good health meme!

When’s the Best Time to Post on Twitter?

Post on Twitter whenever is convenient for you. Your focus should be on content, not on the time of day.

  • The highest average click-through rates (CTR) occurs between Mondays and Thursdays, 1 pm and 3 pm, with no specific peak times. This would be the ideal time to post if your goal is to get people to click-through to your website or landing page.
  • You can also try posting early morning; as this is a time a lot of people will do a quick social media check-in before starting their day.
  • Banking on an exact time can be a waste of time as every business’s audience varies. But knowing all the possible times in the day can make publishing simpler.

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